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The Protect Your Peace Fest

is a Yoga, Music & arts Festival

for the city of Jackson.


This groundbreaking event is dedicated to mental health & wellness with fun attractions & live entertainment. 

 Yoga on the lawn,






Live Music performances,


What's Happening at PYP Fest? 

Morning Peace Beginner Yoga Class

Kicking the Protect Your Peace Fest off with a beginner friendly yoga class taught by Maya Morris

12:00 Intro to meditation 

15 minute guided meditation led by Jinave Turner 

magnolia sunset market opens 

The Markets is free to enter and will be open from 11AM-6PM

12:30pm Navigating Your 20's panel 

This panel is all about navigating and making it through your 20's 

11:00am women in wellness panel

Wellness panel for women with 

Maya, Sadé, Tkeyah,  and Angela

1:30pm Boot Camp with "a belle" Sophia "so gucci" WILLIAMS 

Very light and fun workout with Sophia "So Gucci" Williams from the tv show Belle Collective

2:00-2:30 Hip hop "trap" Yoga Class

Fun upbeat yoga class taught by Candace Salusbury creator of

" The Yoga Kick Back" 

6:00 Best Dressed Contest starts 

Winner receives $100

Come dressed to do yoga and move your body for the first half of the day and then change into your best festival outfit to close out the night at the concert

3:00pm Black men and mental health

Managing your mental health and protecting your peace as a black man. 

7:00pm Concert Performances start

Are amazing host, Dj, and artist take the stage or a great show. 

4:00 wine down sound bath healing session

Healing with sound! You don't want this amazing experience

9:00pm wrapping up the night with our last performances

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